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Get Over It!

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"I had the blues because I had no shoes, until upon the street I saw a man with no feet!"


I first read this in a Norman Vincent Peale book and it points out the age old truth - there is always someone worse off then us.  So it really does not pay to sulk.  But it sure is hard to acknowledge this sometimes when it seems like everything is going against you isn't it?  Even the most optimistic of us can get down if a closing gets tanked or a deal dies.  How do we break out of these doldrums and get back with the task of living.  Because you sure are not operating at your highest and best when you are down in the dumps.  Well, there are two key things you can do to start the process of getting "over it" and back in the game.  The first is to focus on the future and the other is to manage your energy.


The first is nothing more then changing your focus from yourself and your present to your client and the future.  There are a tremedous amount of opportunites to add value to clients and grow your business.  New mortgage products that can help move homes quicker, new marketing strategies, long-term client retention stratgies, etc. are all areas where you can learn, grow, and help your current clients.  Depression is simply the obsession on self-rarely is it truly linked, in my opinion to a chemical imbalance.  Every time I am depressed I see the same things, I am focusing on present tough circumstances and myself - not others.  There is no chemical imbalance I am just selfish with my thoughts.  Try to go to a good line for the poor and serve and stay depressed - you can't do it.  Serving others eliminates depression.  So get off of your current circumstances and start thinking about the awesome future and how you can serve clients TODAY!

Second, you need to manage your energy.  Possibly the biggest proponent of this is Tony Robbins and there is a lot of truth to it.  Your emotions and psyche are linked to the physical.  Get started on positive routines.  If you have never worked out, start walking 15 minutes in the morning.  Get alone and do some quiet time - preferably in the morning.  I start every morning the same way, exercise and quiet time.  A few years back a hurricane destroyed my office and almost bankrupted me but I kept the routine going, morning time and exercise and made sure that before I walked into that office door - I had my game face on.  If you watch someone or any great athlete, when it is crunch time they turn it up a notch.  They are on their game.  Before you get into the office - get on your game.  I will sit in the car in the parking lot and crank a pump up song just to get on my game before going into the office.  If you work from home, try changing it up and head into an office or shake upyour home office.  There is a commercial where a guy leaves home, gets in his car, and drives to work but his office is his home.  Not a bad idea to break the routine.  Drive around the block and come back to "work" ready to roll.  Crank a tune, get fired upand then crank the calls!


The key is to stop negative habits, negative thoughts and focus on and start positive habits and positive thoughts.  Your energy, your optimism, your happiness CAN be managed.  It is not up to the world to make you happy, happiness is within you and it is a CHOICE - a choice you need to make TODAY!

Hope you have an awesome day!

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