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Welcome Summer,

We all can't wait for it to get here, and now that it is we are almost always stuck inside do to it being to hot.  Well if you are trying to find a home in the market this summer your doing anything but staying home. The house hits the market and you hit the gas. Over the past few weeks I have been to and in around 15 homes. Most nicer than the last. Do you know I enjoyed getting into the house into the air. Phew it;s warm. So just the other morning as I was going from appointment to appointment the temparature continued to rise. So I make it to the 3rd home. I just dreaded getting out of the air conditioned car to head into another place. I was gathering my things from the back seat and was suprised the air didn't seem as hot as I noticed I was parked under the most beautiful tree. Tha shade and relief from the sun was a needed retreat. As I started walking around this home I could smell the flowers growing in the front flower beds, The porch was decorated with the cutest country details (not everyone likes country, but I love it!!). Oooh was I excited to go in. I was greated by the homeowner a very lovely woman and my senses started to get overloaded with excitment. This house was beautiful. The light the way it shined through the front window as it floated like a stream. The air was perfect as I made my way through this home(I was trying not to act like a kid in a candy store, Oh look at this and that). The country style kitchen was like I had seen it a hundred times but in the Better Homes and garden magazine's. I was In love!!! The details were so perfectly done. I notice through the open floor plan from the kitchen to the family room the best was yet to come. What a nice bay window. The deck out back how could there be so much to love in just one place. As we continue to walk through this home I drift off pictureing myself and family enjoying the rest of our adulthood in this home. Ok I say snap out of it..... We make our way to the upstairs and boy it just keeps getting better. A very large Jack and Jill bath is so serene. The bedrooms were quite large and there was 3.  This home at 16 Pennicott circle has been loved, you feel it as you walk up to it. It was almost like that sun that was pouring in was the care and attention to detail that the home had been given by the one owner family. I know this home will not last long, not only that it will be filled with laughter and happiness. You can just sense it.