Whatever could go wrong, likely will go wrong in Construction?

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Whatever could go wrong, likely will go wrong in Construction?

I love this story on how not to do a renovation project. A few years ago one of my best contractors for many years. An easy going guy to say the least. He had an FHA 203k loan project in Lafayette CA, an upscale neighborhood and the borrower found the worst looking property on the entire block. Way to go. He got a good deal, it had a slab foundation with a 4" wide crack running down the middle of the living room. There was obviously no steel in the concrete.

They ended up using EagleLift to level the foundation and secure it so it couldn't drift apart again... 20-30 year warranty. When they lifted the footing to level the home the crack mysteriously disappeared. This is an amazing patented product and much better than many of their competition. 

What I do know is that this works and works well. We had one project in Auburn CA that had 4-6" cracks and uneven floor surfaces that they had 4 bids from 4 diffent contractor's for $60,000 - 65,000. EagleLift completed the project for about $24,000.

This is the difference in making this project possible. The bids at $60,000+- were making this impossible for the borrower, they just couldn't afford the additional $40,000.




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