Real Estate Agent with RE/MAX Alternative, Melbourne FL

Living in Melbourne FL is a dream come true.  We enjoy all the benefits of true coastal living - cool sea breezes and beautiful beaches.   The lifestyle is quiet and laid-back, people are friendly;  "it's all good" here!    Do not, however, confuse us with an outdated  "Florida retirement area" moniker because we're much, much more. 

We are often called "little silicon valley" for good reason.  A well-defined industry cluster, we are home to many major hi-tech corporations and the network of local "spin-off" companies is tremendous.  Young, hi-earning professionals flock to Brevard County for our tremendous employment opportunities.  The article in Florida Today (Business Section April 29, 2008) says it all.   "Brevard No 2 in the country with pockets of interrelated businesses" as ranked by The Brookings Institution.     

I work constantly with corporate relocation buyers.  These candidates and spouses are searching for homes and a new life in Melbourne Florida.  They find that we offer a perfect lifestyle: marvelous climate, gorgeous Indian River lagoon, pristine beaches, great schools, and plenty of shopping & restaurants.  Melbourne offers all of this without the mega-tension of big city traffic and jammed expressways.  Major central Florida attractions are just 45 minutes away.

Our area attracts all ages and lifestyles so we enjoy the best of all worlds.   Retirees like us for the obvious - affordable living, golf, water & great weather.   Young families enjoy healthy incomes and a comfortable family-style community.  Do the math - this mix of all ages and strong incomes is a winning equation. 

At present our real estate inventory is tremendous and buyers are enjoying a huge selection and some incredible deals.   We are really talking Paradise !!

Check us out and consider this your invitation to Florida - the time is right!  By Melbourne Voice, but from the heart.

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