Why A Realtor Will Help You Maximize Your Equity Position in Ma

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   Why A Realtor Will Help You Maximize Your Equity Position on Your Framingham Ma Home in 2016


If you are a for sale by owner, or homeowner trying to sell your home on your own, keep in mind what you lose and the the position your present to the buyers that see your home. Buyers know that if you are not represented by an agent , you will almost always not receive the same sale price without having a top negotiator on your side. Handling the state paperwork and mandatory disclosures and needing to disclose known issues with the property. There are a lot of issues and steps to follow for an easy and smooth closing. This is what we do and have done for years as experienced agents. We know the process and have a team in place to get things moving along smoothly. We are also problem solvers to handle any issues that come up during the process.


Realtors will help you maximize your equity poosition on the sale of your Framingham Ma home for so many varied reasons. Experience handling all issues that come up, inspections, paperwork, necessary disclosures, help in negotiation your price, a team in place to handle all situations that come up efficiently, effectively without any hassles. As a homeseller, you only sell a home maybe 2 or 3 times in your lifetime. As agents, we do that many times in a week or a few weeks. This is nothing we have not seen or cant handle, whether we have to negotiate repairs on a property that has a tough inspection, or extensions needed paying attention to all the relevant dates in each transaction. We have the right pieces and team members in place to facilitate a successful sale in the shortest and most efficient timeframe.


Sellers , who try to sell on their own actually think they are saving money, but the truth of the matter is that they will make more money with a Realtor representing them (even with a 5-6% fee). They are also paying for more exposure, top negotiation skills(depending skills the agent you hire has), and being able to bring in multiple offers in a hot sellers market in Framingham Ma, which will also drive your sales price upward.  These factors are all big in considering how to approach your homesale. You also need to keep in mind that working with an agent to find your new home cost you nothing, and they can research and send you the properties you want with your criteria so you can see these homes and make a timely decision, again negotiating on your behalf. These are facts that are extremely important to know and keep in mind. Realtors have a huge % of the buyers out there, since there is no fee that they have to pay to work with us. Most buyers will go through realtors no matter what area of the country. Sellers would not be smart to ignore this source of buyers for their home. 



     Why a Realtor can Help You Maximize Yoir Equity Position On Your Framingham ma homein 2016





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