Maui County property tax rates are down in 2016

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Real Property Tax Rates in Hawaii - Maui County 2016

Good news for Maui Hawaii property owners.  Some of the property tax rates have come down this year compared to 2015. 

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The tax rate breakdown effective July 1, 2016 - per $1,000. assessed value:

  • Homeowner          $2.70
  • Residential           $5.30
  • Commercial Res.     $4.35
  • Agricultural         $5.66
  • Conservation        $5.80
  • Apartment           $6.00
  • Commercial          $6.60
  • Industrial            $6.69
  • Hotel/Resort         $8.71
  • Time Share            $14.31

You can see that the Homeowner rate is very attractive, especially once you subtract the deductible off the top. To qualify, you need to be a Hawaii resident that lives on the property, and apply for the classification before the end of December.

Click here for the County of Maui property tax website

US PROPERTY - Maui county property tax rates Click here for the Maui tax rates PDF from Fidelity National Title.

  • How much is the property tax on that house for sale on Maui?
  • What will my property taxes be? 
  • How do I get the homeowner exemption?
  • You can ask me to help you with that!

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Richard L. Sanderson
Richard L. Sanderson Consulting - Kalama, WA
helping improve local property tax systems

Georgie Hunter R(S) - Real estate tax rates usually go up, but as you've shown, they don't have to. If the local government (in your case Maui County) can keep expenditures stable, maybe increase grants and revenue from other sources, they can lower tax rates, even when property assessments increase.

Jul 08, 2016 11:48 PM