Wondering How Long It Takes To Build A House?

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How Long To Build A House

These days the real estate market in parts of the country is pretty active. Certain price points are in short supply and builders are scrambling to keep up. Faced with a lack of inventory of resales and new homes the next option for some home buyers is to build a new house. The question then arises, how long will it take to build a house. The other question is how much does it cost to build a house and the answer to both is a not too surprising "it depends".

How Long To Build A House

Whereabouts In The Country You Are Building.

The time it takes to build a home depends on a number of factors, the first being where in the country you plan to build. Home building techniques are different throughout the country and so that can add a month or more to the time it takes to build. For example in warmer climates homes do not need to be built on basement foundations instead a slab or crawl space is used greatly reducing the time it take to build. Certain materials used throughout the country can take less time to install further reducing build time.

Size And Quality Of Home

Here in the Triangle of North Carolina new homes are built on average between four and six months, mostly never less than four months but certainly more than six months. Many factors influence this time. The size and level of craftsmanship used on the home is the main reason a home can be built in a short or longer period of time. A 1600 square foot ranch home without all the bells and whistles could be built in four months while a custom built home with lots of detail and workmanship could take as long as a year to build.

Permits And Inspections

If you are planning to build in a subdivision depending on what phase is ready can slow down things as the builder needs to apply for permits which can only be done when the lots are recorded by the developer. After the builder starts the home there are a number of inspections that the municipality in charge will conduct. If the city or county inspectors are busy and there is a backlog this will delay things for the builder as they sometimes have to wait to pass a certain inspection to move on with the next phase of construction.

Time Needed To Build

Weather And Building A House

The weather can make a big difference in whether the house gets built on time or not. So the time of year you decide to build can affect the lenght of time needed. Too much rain, snow or freezing temperatures mean they can't pour concrete, do framing or landscaping.

If you are thinking about building a new house make suer you have an experienced real estate agent working for you. If you have any more questions about building a home in the Triangle of North Carolina, I'd be glad to try and answer them.

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