How to Protect Your Carpet & Upholstery from Pet Accidents

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Similar to having a child, owning a pet, means flooring is likely to see increased traffic and possible stains from time to time. House-training animals from the onset is not always a foolproof plan. Accidents can still occur. Knowing how to remove stains efficiently and quickly before irreparable harm is done, is necessary.

Protecting Carpet and Upholstery

If an accident to carpets or upholstery is caught while still warm, use a towel that absorbs liquids from fabric. It may be necessary to replace the towel with a dry one to get as much stain as possible out of the fabric. Then use a commercial cleaner, with enzymes, that is specifically designed for pet stains. Enzymes are useful in removing bacteria that causes stains to emit bad odors. Enzyme-based cleaners help to remove stains without causing harm to the fabric colors.

Instead of using a commercial cleaner, make a solution of one cup vinegar and one and one-third cup water. Pour just enough of the solution to cover the satin. The surface should be wet but not saturated. Place a waterproof material over the spot and allow the solution time to sit and remove the stain completely. A professional rug cleaner will be needed if the stain is not removed before it settles.

Preventing Accidents

To prevent accidents in the future, it is helpful to understand why pets have accidents. Pets smell past accidents. Smelling an accident makes them comfortable to continue to use the area for future bathroom needs. Pets do not have personal space. They tend to have accidents when they get nervous or are left alone too long. The bladders of older pets may not function as well as they once did.

It is best to keep an eye on pets and let them out for regular potty breaks. Possibly, install a doggy dog and train the pets to use it. A fenced in backyard allows pets to go out and come in as they please. Accidents should be thoroughly cleaned when they occur to avoid bad habits from forming. Training pets where it is acceptable to go also means accidents are less likely to happen.

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Professional Cleaning

You must exercise caution when a pet leaves a nasty surprise on carpet or upholstery material. Resist the urge to clean the stain on your own. Spots can spread. Once they set in, pet stains leave behind odors that are almost impossible to remove. It is best to extract moisture by using a white cloth or paper towel to blot the area. Do not rub the spot. The stain will spread deep into the carpet or filler material and become even more difficult to get out.

Saturating the area with an enzyme cleaner also pushes the stain further into a cushion, where elimination is impossible. Carpet and upholstery professionals will attest that stains, having penetrated into the filler material, are the hardest stains to clean. The material acts like a giant sponge. Before calling the expert, it is acceptable to lay a heavy towel on the area and allow it to dry. A lot of the moisture will evaporate and be absorbed into the towel before the pro’s arrival.

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