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Rates? Who needs rates?

mortgage rates for the U.S.

The one thing about being a Private Money and Hard Money lender is that I am not dictated by rates. I am simply guided by how much money my investors are looking for. They have a certain yield in mind and we strive to deliver on that yield and return for them.


You see I never wanted to be the listing agent knocking on doors or parading first time home buyers around that are dying for that open floor place becuase they saw "Love It, or List It" last week on HGTV. I like numbers and I like investors, especially fixers and flippers. I also like working from home. You know how cool it is to be slinging the best private money loans around in my boxers at 2:21 in the afternoon. It rocks. 


My business is not really affected by rates or more to the point the Fed rate hikes or drops. Well... that's not entirely accurate. You see I am indirectly affected by it. Mortgage rates do directly affect the housing market as you can read in Investopia. Basically, when rates go down more people can afford homes so more people buy homes so the real estate market gets better and Vice Versa. I am affected by the real estate market. The crux of my business are Fix and Flippers, so if the markets look good then people have more profit margins to work with on Fixer Upper homes.


Brexit and The U.S. Housing Market


Brett will kill the U.K.Brexit or #Brexit is actually going to be great for the U.S. markets. As investors look for more stable places to park their money they will find the U.S. markets as the major safe haven and more to the point the U.S. 10-year treasury bond, which will have a profound effect on the decrease in mortgage rates through 2016 which will then impact a promising U.S. Housing market. I wrote up a pretty solid analysis on Brexit and the U.S. housing market the other day so you can read all about it.


I am expanding my business right now through social media, SEO, Active Rain and my own personal web site. I am makreting more locally in Southern California where my local investors love to invest. Overall the second half of my 2016 is looking very good and all indicators are pointing to me closing a lot of business out and helping a lot of investors get great loans in the process. Hey, maybe I'll even close some real estate deals in the process as well.


The Writer is a long time property buyer and seller and hard money loan provider. Steve Snyder owns and operates his own private money loan company,


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Steve Snyder Thanks for posting this, I have learn a lot.  great links and your website looks pretty snazzy.  Good Luck and I look forward to learning more from you. 

Jul 12, 2016 12:22 AM