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When an agent turns up on your doorstep with a prospective buyer to show your home there is one thing you can do that will really help the sale...  walk the dog!! 

If you don't have a dog take yourself and other family members who are in the home out for a walk or brief car ride if the weather is bad.  Buyers need to feel at home and fall in love with a home.  This can not happen with an anxious seller hovering, insisting on doing a tour and pointing out all the features the buyer just can't miss.  I have had seller's point out things like doorknobs and electric outlets when I am showing a home.  Believe me, no one falls in love with a house because of its outlets or doorknobs. 

Let the buyers feel free to take their time and open closet doors with only the selling agent present.  They need to envision themselves living in this home and making it their own.  They feel much more comfortable and not pressured when they are left to look at the home with their agent.  And don't worry, a good agent has read your listing and will be able to show the buyer around pointing out the features, advantages and benefits of your home. 



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