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What is the Best Condo in Coconut Grove?

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What is the Best Condo in Coconut Grove? Have a look at a Top Producer’s favorite Coconut Grove Condos

If you are looking to buy a Coconut Grove Condo this might be a useful read for you. We are not pushing you towards a particular Coconut Grove condo, we are merely trying to make you understand the difference between the Coconut Grove condos and the Coconut Grove condo market.

This is where our expertise and knowledge comes in. We rarely form an opinion without basing it of statistical data or ‘inside market knowledge’.


The condos sit in majority along S. Bayshore Drive with direct water views (with just a couple siting off Bayshore on side roads like: Residences at Vizcaya and the new Fairchild Condo). Want to search the Grove Condo market thoroughly? Then click here.

There are far fewer Condos in the Grove than there are in Brickell or Miami Beach there is less competition and choice but still its important to recognize the best Condo’s in this market.


We selected the best condos in Coconut Grove for the below categories:



Read everything about the Coconut Grove Condo market and the answer to the "What is the best Coconut Grove condo: What is the best Coconut Grove Condo?



How to find the Best Coconut Grove Condo?

Use our searching tools to find the ideal property for you, but don’t forget to call us.

You need to know the right price to pay and all too often ‘asking prices’  are no indication of ‘sales price’. Only by being informed of the stats can you make the right decision and pay the right price.





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What is the best Boutique Condo in Coconut Grove?
What is the best Boutique Condo in Coconut Grove?