Still don't believe in climate change?

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Everyone wants to move to Florida, especially Miami, because of the weather.  I get it.  I can see how one would get sick of the extreme cold up north, but remember that what you have in extreme cold up there we have in extreme heat down here.  And it's about to get worse.  Climate change is not only flooding this place as I have said before, but it's making it a lot warmer and more humid.  It's no wonder my air conditioning bill hovers around $250. a month.  

You may say that you don't mind, but take into account the fact that the combination of high heat and humidity leads to sunstroke. Not very pleasant.  I have seen so many people out on the beach with a beer in their hand instead of a bottle of water and little do they know that that is a recipe for a sunstroke.  I can stand on a corner all day and lecture about the heat and how it kills, but nobody is listening. I even witnessed a Dolphins football game where visitors from Seattle were trashed out in the sun all afternoon and by halftime at near death.  

If you don't believe me read this article published today in the Miami Herald.  Copy  and paste in your browser.

Florida tops nation in dangerous risk of heat and humidity, study finds

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