7 Tips for Chehalis / Centralia Home Sellers: Tip #6 Communication

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7 Tips for Chehalis / Centralia Home Sellers: 
Tip #6 Extraordinary Communication 


Good morning Lewis County! I’m Eren Millam Realtor and I hope you’re having an Extraordinary day! Last week we covered marketing to the modern buyer. If you missed it you can click here. Today we cover what to expect from your agent regarding communication.
The #1 complaint from sellers of agents is a lack of communication. The expectation varies from seller to seller, but if you don’t discuss this prior to listing, during listing, or after the listing, how does your agent know what you want? It may seem like I’m putting the blame on you, the seller, but I’m not. An average agent will never know what you want because they’ll never ask or discuss it with you. You’ll hear from them when you list, then again when you’re about to expire.
An Extraordinary agent will discuss with you their plan of communication and ask if that works for you and if you have any changes you’d like to make with it. Not only when they’ll communicate with you, but what they communicate to you. For example, I update my clients every two weeks on the general market, changes in the market that affect their listing (like new on market, pending, and sold), activity on the home (if vacant), as well as how well the marketing is working.
A lot of agents will ask for a price drop when there are no offers, but they won’t tell you what they’ve done to market your home. These same agents typically employ a “set it and forget it” tactic of entering it on the MLS and hoping another agent brings along a buyer. If you find yourself in that situation, I’d ask for specifics and if they can’t deliver them to you, I’d fire them.
You’re the boss and you set the expectation of communication with your agent. Why settle for less than Extraordinary communication? Although this video tip is short, the topic is important! Next week we’ll address what happens when your listing expires and the pros and cons of listing For Sale By Owner. Until next time, don’t settle for anything less than an Extraordinary day!


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