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Berna and Chris from the Tooele office posted some pretty good stuff about real estate in Tooele County last week.Report on Tooele Real Estate

Since this area is so close to downtown Salt lake, it can be an alternative choice when looking to finding a house, building a new home, or when comparing investment opportunities. 

In the article about waiting to buy a house, pay close attention to the graphics and see how waiting another year can have long term effects on your personal income and wealth. The new home piece well give you a reference to compare value between various neighborhoods around the valley when you want to buy new construction but your budget is only $300,000.

And, if you are anticipating a move, don't miss Chris's checklist that he wishes he'd had prior to his last move.

Here are some of last weeks Tooele posts.


Should I Wait To Buy a House in Tooele UT Wonder if you should wait to buy a house in Tooele UT ? Ask the pros, and read what our pals @ Keeping Current Matters think as we re post a graph they sent to us last week. Take a look at what waiting a year to buy that new home could mean to your bottom...
Five Bedroom Homes For Sale in Tooele UT From $225   Anyone looking for five bedroom homes in Tooele UT should start right here, right now. Actually they should end right here as well. This website w/ appropriate links allows you to search, find, save and get more information  on all listings in ...
How To Find New Homes in Tooele Under $300,000 Looking for new homes in Tooele under $300,000? This is the best place. We have 3 websites, 4 real estate information blogs, and a ton of experience with new construction. That experience is not just limited to the buying side either. Our team at Gro...
Building a New Home in Tooele UT   Thinking about building a new home in Tooele UT? Constructing a custom home or a spec home from a local builder, is an exciting process. There are a multitude of things for you to think about, which may be somewhat overwhelming. The new construction advice for T...
A Checklist For Moving in Tooele UT I wish someone had given me a checklist for moving in Tooele UT. As most of you know by now, we're moving this weekend. We've 'been moving' less than 2 weeks. That probably sounds unreal to you, but then your'e not married to Berna. She doesn't need a checklist...

There you have it. Recent article about real estate in Tooele UT. If you like what you read and would like more information about Tooele Utah or  Chris & Berna Sloan, visit there, or call Berna @ 435-840-5029.


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