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Nuisance Odor Investigation

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If you've ever had a nuisance odor issue within your home or office you can appreciate the difficultly in identifying the odors, the sources and possibly even responding to questions from your family or employees.


Strange and/or nuisance odors can appear in everything from single family homes and multi-family structures to office buildings and industrial complexes.

Quite often when the source of these mysterious nuisance odors can’t be identified the services of an indoor air quality (IAQ) professional is required. 

The Nuisance Odor Investigator’s job is to determine 

    1.    Why the Nuisance Odor is in your Home or Office
    2.    Where is the Nuisance Odor Coming From, and most importantly 
    3.    How to Eliminate the Nuisance Odor


Often nuisance odors are intermittent; they come and go. Sometimes the intermittent timing of the odor can be associated with building related patterns such as the running of mechanical equipment, cleaning, or deliveries.  Often the odors are associated with outdoor events such as wind and rain.

Changing pressure relationships both inside and outside of a building can cause air to flow from unoccupied regions, where nuisance odors are expected, into occupied spaces where they are not supposed to be. These unoccupied regions can be such areas as attics, crawlspaces, interstitial wall spaces and other cavities.  

The easiest and most effective way we know of solving intermittent odor problems is to investigate the problem when the odor is present in areas where it is in not expected or wanted. 

Once the odor has been positively identified and is present, locating the source consists of generally just following it back to the source.


You Know "It's" There - But - Where???


The most difficult assignment for an investigator is to determine the source of an odor that is not there at the time of the investigation and where no positive identification has been made. 

To help identify the cause and origin of a nuisance odor it is helpful to know;
    1.  the accurate description of the odor 
    2.  the conditions during the times the odor is present 
    3.  the specific time and date the odors occurs.


IAQ Solutions Provides

Residential and Commercial Nuisance Odor Investigations


Site Odor Investigations - Odor profiling of homes and commercial facilities to define odor types and intensities, define risks of environmental and occupant impact, identify possible sources, and generate options for resolution


Indoor Air Odor Investigation and Monitoring – Odor profiling of indoor air quality to define odors, assess impact on overall health and comfort, identify possible sources, and generate options for resolution

This is best accomplished by using an odor log.   Keeping a log of when the odor is present in particular locations and the duration can enable an investigator to trace to the source by determining where it first occurs and to what locations it travels.

The presence of an odor in a home or office is a clear indication that there is a problem that must be resolved. 

It's important to note that while some odor causing compounds can be simply categorized as being a nuisance others are potential health hazards.