My week in Montreal in a nutshell

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My week in Montreal in a nutshell.  I absolutely love it too.  What a wonderful place to take a vacation.

1. Men carry a murse. That would never happen in the US.

2. Cops are in incredibly good shape, unlike ours.  And handsome too.  There must be some kind of prerequisite for entrance here.  

3. Everyone says hello and bonjour. 

4. The streets are teeming with people all the time.

5. You don't need a car to go anywhere. Mass transit is incredibly efficient.  Most everything is within walking distance, but if you need to go a little further the train and bus work quite well and are reasonably priced. 

6. Sales tax is brutal, federal and provincial.  

7. French put gravy on their French fries.  They call it poutine. How weird is that?

8. There is no right turn on red, period.  And everyone obeys that law. 

9. People actually use crosswalks.

10. Everyone smokes weed, but nobody vapes.

11. The streets are noticeably spotless.

12. Art and culture are everywhere.

13. There are churches everywhere and the are all very old. 

14. They put maple syrup in everything.  I'm not kidding. 

15. They take every chance to be outdoors during the summer.

16. Burger King actually is king of fast food.

17. Everything is under construction all the time. They call it the orange cone festival.

18. There are no buildings over 51 stories.  

19. They are still reliving the '76 Olympics. 

20. It is incredibly diverse and everyone seems to get along just fine.  

21. You can rent smart cars and bicycles throughout city and return them anywhere. 

22. Now that they have gotten rid of the penny everything is just rounded off. Why can't we do that?

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