City of Kissimmee and Eminent Domain Who Wins?

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Sometime ago, the local government tried to take over this piece of property for the purpose of road expansion.  The owner was determined to sit is ground and felt he had a right to his property.  Stating he went out and serve his country and deserve to retire on his land in peace.  He received many support from those around him and the local government decided to back off - so it appears.

Recently a new stop light was put in place.  Where you might wonder?  Right smack in the middle of the owner's garage and driveway.  The local government might argue that they have a right to put it there but seriously, was that the only place that they could put this stop light?

As I take my son to school in the morning and look across to this property, I can't help but wonder who wins? And who loses? What are your rights when it comes to your property?

Another way to look at this story too is that even though it prevents them to use their garage freely, it also prevents cars from driving directly onto their property.  So for every loser, there is a winner. 



Eminent Domain

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