Orange Groves Replaced With Vacant Land

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Haines City Changing Landscape


Have you ever had the opportunity to smell orange blossoms?  The wonderful aroma is very refreshing to many.  The image above was once filled with orange groves now; it is replaced by vacant land with nothing but grass, streets, light poles and dirt.  Signs of the times....after all the red tapes were cut, after all the 'T' was crossed and all the 'I' were dotted, there still has not been one home built on in this subdivision in Haines City.  This was supposed to be the next big booming town.

The area had seems very promising, the builder was anticipating a large turn-out.  Many of the utilities, and roads were in place and they already had few inquiries as far as new homeowners were concern.  Then, it all changes - fallen prices, negative news reports change this landscape once again.

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