7 Ways South Tampa Home Sellers Can Prepare for a Home Inspection

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7 Ways South Tampa Home Sellers Can Prepare for a Home Inspection


Selling your home to buyers looking for homes for sale in South Tampa can be a long and stressful process. When you get to the point of the home inspection, it means you are almost at the finish line. As a seller, you need to be aware of your property’s nooks, crannies, and weak spots. You should also know how to get ready for the home inspection itself. 

Get your South Tampa home for sale ready for open inspections, here's how!

The pointers below will help prepare you for the home inspection:


Get rid of clogs

Before a home inspection, examine all the sink drains in your home and run the water. If you observe a slow drain, you can solve this by using clog removers that can be bought from stores. Just make sure to consult with the staff to find the right one. If there is a very slow or a totally clogged drain, call in a plumber and let the expert do the job. The same goes with any slow flow or blockage at the water source.


Replace the lightbulbs

Examine your attached light fixtures and make sure all of them are working. If one isn’t, the home inspector will need to determine if the fixture is already inoperable. Save time by checking all lightbulbs in the home including those in the attic, crawlspace, and furnace rooms.


Keep all appliances clear

During a home inspection, keep in mind that the inspector will test all the appliances so do not leave dirty laundry in the washing machine or dryer. You do not want the inspector to pull out dirty clothes or dirty dishes in front of everyone. Do not forget to also clean your oven and stovetop so the inspector can test them easily without setting off the smoke alarm.


Check for cracks

Before the home inspector comes, check if there are any cracked windows or broken screens. If you can fix them, do it at once because even small cracks will show up in your report.


Get rid of bugs

Are there carpenter bees in your home? Do you see a steady line of ants nearby? Remember that any sort of infestation will appear in your inspection report. This is especially true for wood destroying insects like termites. They can turn off buyers looking for South Tampa homes for sale and can be a real deal breaker. It is best to take care of these bugs proactively before the home inspection.


Filter out

Make sure to replace your furnace return air filters before the home inspector comes. Keep in mind that dirty filters can affect the efficiency of your overall HVAC system. It can also indicate neglect, which isn’t the impression you want the home inspector and prospective buyers looking for real estate listings in South Tampa to have.


Clean your house

Although this tip may sound too simple, many sellers tend to overlook this basic preparation. You have to understand that home inspectors are people first and inspectors second. As such, they have preconceived notions of how well a property has been maintained. Cleaning your home means that you care for and take care of the house.


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Great information...thank you for sharing it and make it a wonderful day!

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Excellent home inspection tips! Most of these items may be taken care of with little or no cost.

Aug 09, 2016 11:45 PM
Mary Diaz
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Thank you so much.

Aug 10, 2016 05:52 AM