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I think all people on some level want to be successful.  I really do.  Yet few people ever take the time to really define what success means to them.  They know what it does NOT feel like, in other words, they know they are not where they WANT to be, but ask them exactly what success means to them and it takes most people aback.

Yet you can not get to where you want to go if you do not clearly define where you want to go.  And although this is plainly obvious, somehow we miss the part of sitting down and writing out clearly what success looks like.  So as we hit the onset of the 4th quarter, what better time then now to sit down, get by ourselves somewhere and write down where we want to go.  It starts with a mission statement.  Why are you here?  What is the purpose of your job, your life?  I know this gets beyond the realm of work but really, is not life one indivisible whole?  Work is a means to an end but can also be the end in and of itself.  Your work could be where you impact the world for good.  At least where you impact the lives of the people you help into a home.  And then from your surplus you can take some of it and apply it to great needs in the world.

Most people forget that they are part of the human race and they are here for a reason.  One guy telling me, I love my life.  I go into work every day and put almost no effort in and yet I always close the same amount and it is enough to meet all my needs.  To him I would say, Why are you holding back?  If it takes you 8 hours to do 2 hours worth of work and maintain you lifestyle then you should do one of two things, reduce your work hours to 2 a day and spend the rest of the time at home building into your family or apply yourself better the other 6 hours to earn more income.  Then with your surplus, give to those in need.  As he sits now, he robs his family of time and robs the world of money that could be put to use.  That is not success, that is holding back.  He may be comfortable, but eventually that comfort will end.  You can not stay stationary, you either are moving forward or falling back.  So what is your mission?  A mission statement should be short, to the point, and fire you up.  It is the broad direction in which you are heading and with that in mind, you can then begin to define your vision of what success looks lik.  The more clear you are on your vision the more likely it is to happen. 


So take some time, think about where you want to go and get clear on it and then go for it!  The world is waiting for those brave people who clearly define success and then step up to the plate.  To you is the world and everything in it!

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