Cocoplum Miami – The Older Cocoplum Homes for Sale are Under Valued

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Cocoplum Miami – The Added Value of Renovating a Cocoplum Home

As you drive or walk through any given street in Cocoplum Miami you will be hard pressed to find a block that does not have some sort of construction in progress.  Some of this construction is to improve the streets and help with drainage issues, none more evident than the work currently in progress down Los Pinos Blvd (Phase 1).  But more than anything you will see that 95% of the construction work is home renovations.


Easy to notice are the roof repairs and the redesigning of front facades, but look more into the homes and you will see reflooring, new kitchens, new bathrooms as well as additions.  Homes in Cocoplum Coral Gables are falling into 2 categories; The Older and the Newer Cocoplum homes.  Most of the homes were built in the early 80s to about the mid 90s.  These more dated houses are tremendously under valued as a result of owners not updating their homes.  Many families that have lived in Cocoplum for over 2 decades had performed little to no updates thus leading to unrealistic ideas about what their homes are worth.


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Cocoplum Miami, the added value of renovating a Cocoplum home 


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