Ready or Not... Here It Comes!

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July is almost over, and just like that, we are officially 2 months through the 2016 Hurricane Season. Although, that may be good news, unfortunately, the worst is (most likely) yet to come! With the 2016 Hurricane Season not coming to a close until November 30th, the peak of Hurricane Season is among us here on Singer Island (and in Florida, in general). There must be a price to pay to live in paradise, and this, folks, is ours.  

While we all probably know the ins and outs of Hurricane Preparedness, there are plenty of new South Floridians that don't know how serious all this business can really be! I took the liberty of updating a list that I had gathered a while ago to help new and veteran Floridians, alike, learn about the harsh facts of hurricanes and how to prepare and conquer this treacherous season! 

  1. Develop a Family Emergency Plan so that your whole household can be on the same page! 
  2. Trim trees and landscaping in advance of hurricane threats
  3. Once a hurricane or tropical storm watch/warning is issued, vegetation cannot be generated or left out for collection. Knowing this can help keep streets as clean as possible in the event of flooding. 
  4. Clear clogged rain gutters and downspouts
  5. Determine a safe evacuation route inland so that your family doesn't have added stress in case evacuation is warranted
  6. If you have a pet, make sure you find pet-friendly hotels on your evacuation route
  7. Buy non-perishable food and store drinking water - keep in mind that you should have enough water stashed away so that each person can have a gallon each day
  8. When it comes to going through your food supply, be sure to eat refrigerated food first, followed by freezer food, and hold onto pantry food to eat last
  9. Learn locations of nearby official hurricane refuges and/or shelters
  10. Review your insurance policy and store with other important documents for quick access in case an evacuation is needed
  11. Keep emergency equipment stocked: flashlights, generators, battery-powered equipment, first aid kit (be sure to include a cold compress AND a blanket!) and cell-phones
  12. Make sure to bring outdoor furniture and decor indoor when a hurricane warning is in place
  13. Have a plan for protecting your home: shutters, window panels, etc. 
  14. My favorite - be sure to keep a secret stash of dark chocolate somewhere - it is excellent in calming you during stressful situations by lowering stress hormones (Ladies - tell this to your husband when he won't let you buy chocolate next time you're at the store!) 

Stay safe + stay dry! 

Remember to check out my website to learn more about living on Singer Island and how you can take part in fun, rain or shine! 

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Fred Griffin Florida Real Estate
Fred Griffin Real Estate - Tallahassee, FL
Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker

   It's been a long time since we've seen any hurricanes in Florida.  It's past time for one.

   I grew up in Sarasota County, we lived two blocks from the beach, it was frightening when a hurricane blew in.  The past 35 years I have lived in Tallahassee, we saw "Kate" in 1985 come through and destroy dozens and dozens of houses (falling trees).

   Your advice is good!  (especially #14. We have the Lindt 85% cocoa bars)

Jul 29, 2016 07:30 AM