It is okay to have the most expensive home in the neighborhood

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One of the oldest axioms in real estate is that  you never want to have the most expensive  home inthe neighborhood.

In some cases, this is true, but in many cases it is not. Take waterfront property. I was recently dealing with an agent who had a buyer-client for a waterfront listing of mine. The buyer's concern was that they would overbuild for the neighborhood, which is a well-kept little community about 10 minutes from Historic Beaufort.

Fortunately, for this buyer, they got over this silly notion, and decided to purchase the property.

Beaufort, SC is a community of islands. On many occassions, communities like Newpoint, Habersham, Islands of Beaufort, Bluff Farm, and Burkmeyer Beach, just to name a few, the vast majority of homes are "interior," while  a much smaller number are on the waterfront.

Watefront is a mitigating factor when it comes to neighborhood values.

This is not to say you want to build a $700,000 home among a neighborhood of $150,000 interior homes.  However, in my humble opinion, being the most (moderately) expensive home on the water, is not a bad thing.

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