Hammond Roofer: Common Roof Flashings

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One common place to find roofing problems is issues with your roofs flashings. Problems happen when your roofing flashings are not installed properly, or when it has damaged due to exposure to sever weather. Flashing problems normally start small, but often get worse quickly if moisture is getting into your home.

Hammond Roofer: What Is Roof Flashings

There are a numerous  places where holes have been added your roofs decking to allow your home to ventilate properly. Your chimney is one of the largest holes in your deck and and creates a roof leak potential, and in many cases, heater exhaust pipes vent through the roof as well. You may also have a power attic vent, plumbing pipe or skylight, which requires a hole in the roofs deck.

Your Hammond roofing company uses a special material called flashings to seal off all of these penetrations. It is usually made of plastic, rubber, metal or copper, though in certain situations your local roofer may choose plastic flashings to save money. The material tightly connects your chimney, windows and other features to the deck of the roof itself, making them waterproof.

Hammond Roofer: How To Slove Flashing Problems

Don't wait until you notice a problem in your home, such as mold spots on your walls or drips coming from your ceiling, call a loacal trusted roofer and them do a roof inspection for you. A local Hammond roofer will be able to check your homes roof and attic and spot a problem beofre interior damage is done.

The most common areas to see flashing problems will be in your kitchen and bathroom or around your fireplace. The longer you wait, the larger and more costly your repairs could be. Have a trusted roofer from the Northshore inspect your roof at least every five years to hopefully eliminate any roof leaks before they happen.


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Great post you are right doing maintenance on a home will save money on problems in the end. Thanks for sharing I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

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