My Life with a Pop Star

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A visit to the Container Store might sound boring but for my daughter, the Pop! Star®, it was anything but. She loves to organize things so walking into the store was like entering Mecca.


As we walked through parking lot, approaching the entrance, she said, “Mom, you cannot do your usual routine in here.”


I looked at her puzzled.


“You know what I mean,” she continued.

Imitating me, she continued, “Oh, my daughter just LOVES anything to organize her life so she ADORES your store!”

“Promise me, Mom.”


I laughed and shook my head. “Whatever you say, Annie.”


Stepping foot inside, I immediately knew what she meant. There are containers in every size, made up of so many different things. They can help you design a space or you can just piece together elements to make your work or home space much more user friendly.


Annie is redesigning her dorm space so that she can effectively study. An open desk, with all the study materials accessible yet neatly in place, will enable her to focus. Watching her make her decisions about elements in the store reminded me of how clients make their choices, of how I can better organize my own work space, and how important it is to have a vision of what the end result will be.


With baskets for under bed storage, a shelf system for above her desk, and some compartment pieces to go on the shelves, we were set and headed to the cash register. The young woman at the desk asked if Annie was a Pop! Star®, which is the Container Store’s customer rewards program. Annie confirmed that...and her love of organization. She glanced at me, reading my mind.


“It’s okay for ME to tell them, Mom. Just not for you to tell them.”


Lessons reinforced yesterday:

* Organization is a great thing

* Remember to laugh at the unique things that make you who you are

* Let the other person tell their own message


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