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Joe Graham with the Graham Real Estate Group announces Guaranteed Sale Program.  I will sell your home, at a price you agree to, or we will pay you up to $5000 at Closing*.

Here’s The Problem

Have you ever wondered “should we buy first or sell first?” Many homeowners are faced with this very stressful dilemma every day. The fear is that if you buy before you sell, you could run into the risk of owning two homes and carrying two mortgage payments. The opposite is a legitimate fear as well: sell first without having a place to move and you might feel rushed into finding your next home which can be an extremely expensive mistake if you buy the wrong home. This is an extremely anxious dilemma.

Here’s The Solution – We Guarantee Our Results

I have created a unique Home Selling Guarantee which solves this problem. Our Guaranteed Sale Program is built upon the confidence I place in my cutting-edge 89-Point Marketing Plan and is designed to get homes sold fast. I am so confident in the results it produces in getting homes sold that I Guarantee to Sell Your Home...or I will Sell if for FREE!* Not every situation warrants inclusion into the program and not every home is eligible. I'm putting myself on the line with this program so I do have some program guidelines and restrictions. However, there are no “gimmicks” and this is a program that produces wonderful results. I strongly encourage you to contact us and speak with one of the experienced professionals on our team about the program details if you need to sell quickly.  Call us at (630) 296-SOLD (7653) or visit us at SellTheHomeJoe.com!

*Additional agreement with special terms and conditions is required.

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