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Posting in MLS under different categories

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I see many (yes many) agents list properties under the wrong "category", and very often listing it twice under different categories. I suspect they do this to get more "exposure".
I think it contains a risk showing the whole community you don't know what you're doing, as you may not have checked the tax records for what the property type is and what potentially the zoning is/might be.
It also annoys the hell out of me because when I want to look up a single family house, I only want to get SFR's in my search result, not duplexes, or a retail store. It is garbage in/garbage out. It also shows agents do not understand how a database is used professionally. And I have to say, nor does the Board, becuase they seem to have no issue with the double listing under different categories.
So maybe we should all kind of follow the categories we have in Paragon today. Example: 
A 5 unit building is NOT a residential income property. Etc, etc
I also see residential agents list commercial property. I urge you to verify you are actually allowed to sell that type under your E and O insurance. Ask your broker if in doubt.