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Home Sellers in Annandale, Minnesota....listen carefully to this. Your listing agent is trying to protect your price by recommending that you take control of the home inspection and have it done before a buyer makes an offer.

Now I know, you are all saying "Whhhaaatttt"? Why would I do that?

Because the cost of the inspection is roughly $300 dollars ( ask me about a $75 discount using Pillar to Post Home Inspection  ) and it can save you thousands of dollars!

Thousands of dollars again for those who didn't hear it the first time.

Why and how you may ask. There are three simple reasons why a home seller should get an inspection before listing their home for sale in Minnesota:

  1. Seller is in control of condition issues and can make a decision on repairs without pressure of a buyers expectations

  2. Seller can decide on their pricing strategy knowing what items may require replacement or repair

  3. Buyer inspection should have minimal condition issues allowing transaction to proceed smoothly without price adjustments

I just saw a seller walk away from $8,000 because the buyer asked for a price reduction because of inspection items. Knowing what good estimates are for those repairs, he should have only paid a few thousand. In his words, "I just want this done with so I can move on".


Take your time, get your inspection done before listing and make sure you aren't losing money in seller concessions. Call me for more details.


Prelist Home Inspections Save Money



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