6 Crucial Questions to Ask before Buying a South Tampa Waterfront Home

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6 Crucial Questions to Ask before Buying a South Tampa Waterfront Home


Before you start looking at homes in South Tampa, you need to ensure that you are prepared for the home buying experience. While it is impossible to be fully prepared for all that is to come, knowing the right questions to ask can make the home buying process easier and smoother.

Being prepared and well informed will help you buy the best real estate in South Tampa. Read this!

Here are six questions you need to consider before making a final deal:


1. Can you show me a recent property sales report to show what the house is worth?

As a buyer, this is one of the most important questions that you need to ask. Before purchasing any South Tampa area real estate for sale, question the agent why they think the house is worth what they are selling it for. You may ask them to provide you with a recent sales report that shows other similar properties and what they sold for in recent times. This is to make sure that the house you are buying is fairly priced compared to the rest of the local market.


2. Are there any known issues with the property, land or neighbors’ properties?

Another question that you need to settle is if there is any issue with the property, land, or neighbour’s properties that could possibly make you change your mind. Even though your inspector has already picked up most of the potential issues, you still need to ask the agent before signing the contract.


3. What home inspections are available?

Before you make a final decision, make sure to have the home thoroughly inspected. Perform as many inspections as possible in addition to a general one. Check the chimney, sewer line, pool and spa, geological, and drainage. This will help avoid costly problems down the line.


4. Are smoke detectors properly installed and located?

It is also recommended for prospective buyers to check the smoke detectors of any South Tampa waterfront home for sale that they are interested in purchasing. Do not assume that if smoke detectors are put anywhere, they will be instantly effective. Remember that smoke detectors are necessary because they save lives. It is imperative to put smoke detectors in the right places of the home you are about to buy.


5. Am I really happy with this house and its location?

Purchasing a house is exhilarating but it can also be stressful and time-consuming. Sometimes, the emotional pressure can make buyers vulnerable to making mediocre choices. Honestly ask yourself if you are truly happy and satisfied with the home and its location. Avoid making the mistake of jumping at the next house that comes along and hastily signing a contract. Remember that what really matters is the right house for you, not the house that is in front of you right now.


6. Why am I buying?

This is the simplest and most important question that you need to ask. If you do not know the answer plain and simple, it might be better to put your plans on hold. You have to determine whether the property will be for your own personal use or for investment. If it will be your primary residence, then its price will become secondary to finding the right features and location for your budget. On the other hand, if it will be an investment then price is everything because that will determine its return.


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