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I recently wrote a blog about cold calling...and well my addiction to it.

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If you don't want to click on the link, here's the text:

Yes, I am one of those Realtors that makes cold calls.

I have been: cursed at, told I am the slime of the Earth, I am a leech on Society..I am sure I am missing some of the best ones.

I define a cold call as calling someone whom I have never spoken with before.  So why do Realtors call people they don’t know? Usually it’s to make a contact, to eventually get a customer, then a client, and then a closing. As Realtors, we basically call people we know or don’t know. Or both.

Sure, I call people to get business but there’s always a deeper reason. I call because it is a challenge. I am a competitor.  I hate losing, but what I love even more is the challenge.  I call because the challenge of being able to show someone value as to why they should keep talking to me, meet me, and do business with me is very rewarding.

Scottsdale & Desert Ridge RealtorScottsdale & Desert Ridge Realtor

Selling someone over the phone that you have never even spoken with is tough. Try it. It is not for the weak. Forget the rejection. Forget the name calling. Forget the tens of thousands of calls I have made. It is a grueling activity that has massive rewards.

And I am not making light of addictions, but I am a phone call addict. Give me a name, number, an online registration asking for info-heck, just give me something so I can call and I will. It is a challenge I accept and one I live for. I get a natural high from it. I will call you at 5 am, or 11:30 pm.

If you are a homebuyer or homeseller, why does this matter to you? I am a hard worker who will do what it takes to accomplish your home goals. Anyone who does well with picking up a phone and calling strangers is someone you should consider hiring. Plus, if I fight to get that client, I am probably going to fight to get your offer accepted and/or the best offer for your home.

My name is Blair Ballin. I am a phone call addict. Leave your name and number below and I look forward to helping you with your home goals.


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David Alan Baker Laveen & South Phoenix Realtor
Keller Williams Realty Phoenix - Laveen, AZ
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Well well Mr Balin, that is a pretty good addiction.........if you are to have any I guess.  

Aug 09, 2016 09:30 AM

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