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A word about customer service

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Experienced and successful agents have mastered the art of customer service, and without a doubt there must be several agents out there excelling in this area.


However, the use of email, text and the convenience of scheduling showings online, have made our communication with our clients somehow more informal and with the paperwork and details that each agent must comply in preparation to sell a house or prepare a client to buy, seems there is no much time left to apply great customer service skills.


Below there is a list of skills we should develop to offer our clients the best experience they can get:


  • Patience - stay calm when your clients come to you frustrated or upset and find out the reason of their frustration.
  • Clear communication - Don't derail, stay clear, clarify points with your client, keep it simple short, in all points don't leave nothing vague.
  • Know your product - Be ready to have answers, nothing is more discouraging for a client than an agent not knowing basic characteristics of the product, service or unable to respond to multiple questions at a time, prepare yourself with knowledge 
  • Ability to "read" customers - Know your customers, you may not see them in person, but you can catch clues about their patience, their mood, personality, by the tone of their voice or body language if you are face to face, and keep all interactions positive. ( read some books about behavioral science )
  • Tenacity - Don't cut corners with your clients, or offer a lazy service, be ready to go the extra mile, your clients will remember that extra effort you took to take care of a situation or problem.
  • Time management - Offering great customer service does not mean to try to do everything for our client at all times and tossing our obligations and daily tasks to respond to every concern our client may have, learn to delegate to others that can provide an answer in areas that are not your responsibility or area of expertise, don't waste your time.
  • Professional appearance and demeanor - Don't show up to meetings or showings unprepared, or dressed in scruffy clothes, clients can see it as a lack of respect. 


Happy customer service to all!

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