6 Reasons Home Buyers Love the Community of Big Canoe, Georgia

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When I take clients to look at homes in my Big Canoe community, there are a number of characteristics about Big Canoe that really stand out for them and make them want to live here. These attractions go beyond the golf courses ( of which there are three) and the clubhouse ( which has a top notch restaurant) that many other gated communities have inside their gates. These are unusual and wonderful components to everyday life here in Big Canoe and time and time again home buyers mention what a special place Big Canoe is due to these amenities. I just thought you might like to take a look at what they are, and I have included some pictures as well for your enjoyment. 


Here they are, but in no particular order:


1) The Peaceful Feeling of Being at One with Nature

As you drive through the main entrance to Big Canoe, you are surrounded by trees providing a beautiful and peaceful welcome. You almost let out a sigh of relief, even those residents who have lived here a long time mention this. You feel a calmness take over your soul within your first sixty seconds of entering. And we really are at one with nature. Big Canoe was created to live side by side with wildlife so at any given time you may see a herd of deer munching on grass, squirrels jumping from branch to branch inches away from your deck, and even a black bear from time to time may be seen walking by your front door. Our community is a designated wildlife sanctuary, registered with the National Audubon Society. We pride ourselves here at Big Canoe for keeping our environment as natural as possible, and this brings a feeling of peace and  relaxation to our everyday lives.


2) We Have Our Own Church: The Big Canoe Chapel

The Big Canoe Chapel is a non-denominational church that provides not only services on Sundays, but many events throughout the year that residents look forward to. For instance, each Spring the Big Canoe Chapel Women's Guild holds a fund raiser called The Legacy of Caring Marketplace which is like a huge book sale, bake sale, BBQ and estate sale, all rolled into one! One can find almost any type of book they    are looking for at this sale, from a New York Times best seller, to cook books, to travel guides. And the estate sale includes quite rare items for the home, and amazing prices. Profits from this Marketplace go to help area non-profit agencies.


The Big Canoe Chapel also owns the Terraces, and outdoor concert venue just outside the gates that offers a summer concert series providing wonderful musical entertainment and a chance for the community to come together and dance the night away. How many gated communities do you know that have their own church?

Big Canoe Chapel Jasper, GA

3) Three Lakes for Outdoor Boating, Swimming and Fishing Fun

You read that right: THREE lakes. Not one or two like many other communities, but Big Canoe has a total of three lakes. Each one has their own special characteristics. Water lovers of all ages are able to fish, swim and boat on these lakes and one even has a hiking trail that goes all the way around it. There is no shortage of outdoor fun to be had at the lakes in Big Canoe.

Lake Disharoon Big Canoe, GA


4) An Indoor Pool

Big Canoe has an amazing state of the art Fitness Center, but one of the most attractive components of this Fitness Center is that it also has an adjacent indoor pool. I have had clients tell me they have not seen an indoor pool in any of the gated communities they have looked at, and that it was one of the reasons they decided to come see Big Canoe for themselves. Many other gated communities have not been around as long as Big Canoe has, and are still in the beginning stages of building recreational facilities. An indoor pool is not even on their radar. But this pool with it's two lap lanes is perfect for residents who enjoy swimming laps as their choice of workout. It is also great for residents with arthritis as it is kept at 82 - 84 degrees Fahrenheit which is right in the range of 80 - 85 degrees Fahrenheit that WebMD recommends for working out in water for people with arthritis. Water aerobics are offered five times per week, which gives residents just one more opportunity to get exercise in a fun and therapeutic way.

Indoor Pool at Big Canoe


5) Big Canoe Has Two Dog Parks

Yes, it certainly does and one of the dog parks has a separate gated area for small dogs on one side of the paved trail leading to it, and a much larger one for larger dogs on the other side. This keeps the little ones from being chased or intimidated by larger dogs. These two areas are in the Wildcat neighborhood, while another large fenced in dog park is at McDaniel's Meadows a short drive away. Not only are dog parks provided, but a stash of tennis balls are kept in baskets on the dog park fences so residents don't have to bring their own. Many a dog that lives in Big Canoe enjoys hours of fun in our dog parks.


6) Big Canoe has it's own Animal Rescue Program (BCAR)

BCAR is a wonderful addition to our community. A shelter located near the North Gate of Big Canoe houses up to eight dogs; mostly those who are found as strays within the Big Canoe community. But two dogs from Pickens County were also recently cared for by BCAR and they are hoping to find forever homes for these dogs as well. Approximately one year ago, Maggie's House, a shelter for rescued cats was also added. Not only does this program provide shelter and medical care for stray dogs and cats, but adoption open houses are held frequently to help these animals find new forever homes. One more component that is a plus for Big Canoe residents: volunteers are always needed and so residents who love animals can volunteer their time to walk a dog, pet a cat, clean the cages and help on adoption days. While some residents feel having a pet full time may not fit into their schedule, volunteering at BCAR helps them fulfill their desire to spend time with animals and reap the benefits without having to take care of a pet full time.


I don't know of many other gated communities that are wildlife sanctuaries, have their own church, have three lakes, an indoor pool, multiple dog parks, and an animal rescue center all within their gates, do you? These are just some of the many attractions Big Canoe has for home buyers and residents alike and I just couldn't help but share them with you!



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