Common Roofing Questions After New Roof Project

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After any new roofing project, a homeowner is always sure to have a handful of question. Below I will list a handful of common roofing questions post install. If you’re in Baton Rouge, Hammond or Mandeville you’re sure to have some of the same questions that nag every homeowner after a new roof install. Did my roofer do a good job, how do I know he did a good job or not.

Getting a new roof can be an unnerving thing to do if it's your first time doing a roofing project or if you’re a new homeowner. Statistically in the United States you will only live in your current home for seven years and only do a maximum of two new roofs in your lifetime.

  • A few questions that get asked after many new roofing jobs are.
  • My Shingles do not lay flat
  • The shingles on the top of my house look bumpy
  • Did I have any rotten decking
  • There is something shinny on the top of my house sometimes
  • What did you do with the old nails 
  • Should I do any maintenance in the future

These are just a few of the most common roofing questions after a new roof install. The shingles do not always lay flat right after the roofer gets done due to the fact that new shingles must thermal seal to adhere to each other. A hip & ridge shingle is no different, they must have time to thermal seal as well and then they will lay down nice and flat. Rotten decking is a simple answer, your roofing contractor should be able to produce pictures of any rotten decking before it was removed. A good roofer will remove all the old nails from the roofs deck to prevent nail pops in the future. A nail pop will cause the same type of damage that hail causes to a roof. Hail damage and nail pops can both cause roof leaks and subsequent interior damage to your home. After your new roof install you should have your roofing contractor come back and inspect your homes roof every three to five years. In a roof inspection your local roofing company should be looking to pipe boots that may need resealed, flashings out of place or any seals that need to be redone. 

A new roofing project can certainly be stressful but if you have done your homework and studied your roofing contractor and his background you should be in good shape.

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