What Was Your Most Memorable Closing Story?

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I’ve been very fortunate in now my nearly 30 years of successfully serving all my valued Client’s, some of them multiple times throughout all those years with mostly uneventful closings. Uneventful, just means plain old simple smooth closings.  Every once in a while there is a really memorable one.


Upon reading a blog of a respected Colleague, I began to remember some of my more memorable closings. I try to attend all of them, because it means a lot to me to be there at the start of a business relationship and/or transaction, and be there for them all the way to the end when they achieve what they sat out to do, trusting in me to get them to their goal.


In sharing some of my more memorable closing experiences, I hope to touch your heart.


Buyer went into labor at the closing table and refused to leave for the hospital to deliver their baby until all forms were signed, and the Closing Officer confirmed the transaction was fully funded.


A very recent Widow attended the closing, which was first thing in the morning to insure everything would go well for the Buyers. Immediately following the closing I drove her back to the home she sold where the limousine had just pulled up to drive her to her husband’s funeral, which I also attended.


Buyer cause the Seller to break down in tears at the closing table because she said the house did not meet her standard of broom clean. Upon the Seller informing her she had the home professionally cleaned, Buyer told her to pursue a refund.


Buyer negotiated $540.00 settlement from the Seller at closing because during the final walkthrough Buyer caught Seller removing their favorite flower-plants from the back yard. I was so upset because the Seller left me powerless to defend their actions, and I later found out the Buyers had planned a graduation celebration for their son, and their budget for his graduation celebration in the backyard was $500.00.  I normally don’t like to share the bad habits of my Colleagues, but I was equally upset with the Cooperating Agent for not calling me immediately when this was discovered, and definitely not calling me before the closing, giving me an opportunity to help fix the problem before the closing.  Instead, I and the Seller’s Attorney got “blindsided” at the closing with having to help the Seller negotiate this last minute financial agreement.  I wanted to so badly give the Seller a good talking to for this costly mistake.  I didn’t because them having to leave the closing to go to an ATM to get the money was a much greater lesson than anything I could have said to them.


Buyer had selected a home primarily because of the large deck and huge back yard accommodating their dream of saying their wedding vows and hosting their reception in their back yard. At the closing they handed me a wedding invitation.  I admired their confidence in me, confirming they believed I would make sure their goal would be accomplished.  The sad part is I don’t think the marriage lasted but a few years.


From the sad and heart provoking to the funny, and there are some funny closings below my Respected Colleague shares from their own experiences, and combined responses of other Colleagues. Enjoy!

Original content by Karen Deis

 What Was Your Most Memorable Closing? 

That’s the question I posted on Facebook recently and got 18 hilarious and not-so-funny responses.  

I wanted to share some of them with you

  •          I had one where I had to separate the family.  The property was in an estate and one thought they should get more money than the other.  It wasn’t pretty.
  •          The buyer and seller got into fisticuffs as the closing.  Physical contact, and I don’t mean hugs.
  •          My son and his wife bought their first home.  The sellers were elderly and moving from a home they lived in for 40 years and they were moving to a nursing home.  Mrs. Seller cried the whole time because she was so happy the home was going to a young couple, and before long, everyone in the room was crying.
  •          I closed a loan for a guy whose first name was Elvis.  He thought he WAS Elvis and wore jumpsuits.  At the closing, he stood up to leave and the zipper on his jumpsuit broke.  I tried to look away but didn’t (if you know what I mean). 
  •          When the wife saw the hubby’s Victoria Secret bill on the final  loan application form  with a balance of $2,400 and none of it was for her, the loan didn’t close.
  •          The buyer was renting from the seller and they got into a fight at the closing.  The buyer ran out of the room and seller started to chase her through the hallways. It finally did close.
  •          A sweet, elderly couple bought a home and Mr. Buyer was old enough to be a little confused.  So Mrs. Buyer wrote the date on a piece of paper telling him that he had to use this date when signing the documents.  Halfway through signing the papers, he looked confused and he asked, “Is this really January 31?”  Mrs. Buyer replied “It’s going to be &%$#%^& February if you don’t get those damned papers signed.”  I had to pinch myself to keep from laughing. g. 
  •          I closed a loan for a WW II veteran who bought his first home.  He was 94 years old.
  •          There was a couple who were moving from SC to Florida.  They had rented a moving van with all of their belongings and drove by it one last time before closing.  When they arrived at closing, they told everyone that they decided not to buy the home.  However, they finally realized that they had no other place to go so they decided to close.  During the closing, they got upset with the real estate agent and threw a stapler at him. (Thank goodness he missed.)  When they left, the attorney could not find the $5,000 cashier’s check they gave him.  The attorney and the agent went over to the house and told them they could not unload the moving van until the check was found.  The next thing that happened was that the buyer drew a gun and said they didn’t know anything about the missing check.  The paralegal who went with them peeked in their car and the check was on the front seat.  They said their son must have picked it up and put it in their car, hmmmmm!
  •          I had a borrower call me from the bank and ask who they should make the check out to.  I told them the title company.  When it came time to hand over the check, it was made payable to “The Title Company.” 
  •          I closed a loan for a Native American man in his 50’s.  First-generation homeowner and he purchased a home so his grandchildren could move off the reservation to go to good schools and get away from their alcoholic parents.  He cried when we told him his loan was approved.
  •          We had to close a loan for a buyer who was in the hospital.  We had to scrub down and wear scrubs, go into the operating room before the procedure to get them to sign the paperwork.
  •          I had a buyer who was claustrophobic.  We had to take the loan application in the lobby and closed the loan in our hallway.  Funny thing is that she bought a 900 sf condo. 
  •          I took a loan application for an elderly lady who told me that she has been living in her van for 3 years, to save all the money she could for a down payment.  Many issues had to be resolved but there were many happy tears at the closing. 
  •          An engaged couple had to sign off and initial the liens on the title that were not theirs.  When it came to the child support one, he said “Yes, that’s me.”  She screamed, “YOU HAVE A CHILD?”  The loan never closed. 



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