How to Impress Homebuyers of South Tampa Homes for Sale in Sunset Park

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How to Impress Homebuyers of South Tampa Homes for Sale in Sunset Park


Sunset Park homes for sale in South Tampa generally have a high market value. But if you want your house to stand out, then design to impress. Capturing the attention of potential buyers is important.  With this said, the pictures and the viewing are essential steps. If their first impression of the house is plain, dull or old-looking, then they might immediately lose interest. 

Ensure a great impression from potential buyers of your South Tampa waterfront home for sale with these 2 tips!

If you choose not to make any improvements or renovations in the property prior to selling, the number of potential buyers could be much less and the market value much lower. Remember, there are always competitions in the market. The best way to make sure you can sell your property and make a good profit out of it is to improve it first before putting it up for sale.


Depending on your budget and the current state of the house, the renovations could be minor, major or both. Before implementing any home project, do some research on the value of homes similar to yours so you would have a basic knowledge about the amount you can spare and if that kind of renovation is indeed profitable.


Additionally, talking to your trusted real estate agent could also give you ideas on how to best handle the renovations. Aside from those already mentioned, here are some basic but helpful things to focus on if you want to create a welcoming atmosphere for your Sunset Park home.


Doors, Windows and Walls

Florida is also known as the Sunshine State. Have a taste of the Florida atmosphere in your home by designing it in a way that is welcoming, bright and elegant. Since it is mostly sunny in Florida, you can install glass walls and doors in your house. This makes the house look brighter and more elegant. It would also help you save energy. Instead of having the lights turned on all day, you can use natural lighting from the sun during day time.


Installing wider glass windows would definitely be impressive. This offers natural ventilation and would let the fresh air in. This could lessen your usage of air conditioning, which also implies less energy consumption. Glass doors, windows and walls will surely make your home look sophisticated and ready to impress.



Repainting is one of the most common home improvements done in South Tampa homes for sale in Sunset Park. It is advisable to repaint the house once in 5 to 7 years. This is an inexpensive and convenient way to upgrade your home and its value. This makes the house look nice and protects the materials with which the house is made of.


Since the weather in South Tampa is usually hot and Florida is well known for its summer weather, light and neutral colors of paints are advisable. They are pleasing to the eyes and make the house stand out. Using these colors also gives the house a look of elegance.


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Rhonda Fee - REALTOR®
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Hi Mary, your tips are spot on! Even a little paint can give a home a brand new aesthetically pleasing appeal.

Aug 19, 2016 12:57 AM