You're An *$%# Idiot & This Will Never Work

Real Estate Agent with Patty Turner Group - Keller Williams

Before I worked in Real Estate, I had the pleasure of working along side Boone Pickens.  By "working along side Boone Pickens", I mean I worked hand in hand with his assistant and handler.  After 8 months, I found myself, as a 25 year old, sitting at a table having dinner with Boone Pickens and 8 other executives.  As I explained my next plan to raise $200,000 in September, Boone Pickens stopped me and emphatically expressed "You're an *$%# idiot.  That will never work, no one will come."


As a side note, I surpassed my goal by 25%, and I flew with him to his ranch with that same group of men.  That's a 100% brag and has nothing to do with anything.  


I emphatically believe there is no one way to do everything.  I watch my colleauges in different conferences searching for the holy grail of real estate.  What is the one thing I can do to....get more with more buyers....generate more leads..._____________....


There is no one right way to do everything.  Adapt.  Your listing presentation should adapt.  Your negotiations should adapt.  Your communication with agents, title, lenders, etc should adapt.    

Egos, ages, interests, schedules, all change - so must we.  When we create a box of how we operate, we create circumstantial frustration, therefore creating frustrating circumstances.   

Have a plan, execute, and if you fail, fail wisely.  


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