Pikachu & Charmander Sold My Clients a House

Real Estate Agent with Patty Turner Group - Keller Williams

I'm a tech nerd.  No way around it.  I love technology.  I use all sorts of technology to sell and market homes.  3D Home Tours, 360 Photos & Videos, Drone Videos, Home Videos with Subdivision Video lead ins, Advanced Social Media Marketing, Virtual Reality - if its out there, I use it (or will/want).  


Our 3D tours are used to market our listings, BUT we have also used them for our relocating clients.  When your clients don't want to miss out on their dream home, we created a solution for them to view homes from 1,000 miles away.  When our Client expressed interest in a home we screened for them, we will do a 360 home tour for them.  This allows them to see a floor plan and see a 360 perspective of the rooms in the home.  If our client finds a home or 2...3...whatever it is, we then scan the house in a 3D representation to allow them to walk through the house in more detail.  If the Seller forgot to sweep the floor, you can see the dirt on the floor.


You may ask, "do people really buy homes this way?"  Not often but they do.  If they want to go a step further, we can put our 3D model into a Virtual Reality space and send our client a pair of goggles to "walk around the house".  It's truly amazing.  


Want to see the make up of your vacant lot to build your dream home on?  We can create a drone video for you.  Dont want to wait to see it?  Let us stream it to you live - you can ask us questions on the spot or request an additional view.  


I never got into Pokemon Go.  But I paid attention to it.  It made me think twice about the technology.  

Coming soon, I hope we, as the Patty Turner Group, will be able to place you, the Buyer, into a house with AR glasses and allow you to "touch" a wall and change the colors - technically speaking.  Want wood floors?  How about Travertine tile - how will the travertine you love look with that new paint color?  By simply "tapping" what you want to update, you can tranform the home while you stand inside.


Customer Service.  Growing and Adapting Technology to Better Serve You.  

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