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When inspecting a home in Massachusetts it is important to know the addition to the base code listed in the MA Amendments when informing a Client about the condition of the home.

Bathroom lighting and GFCI protection is a common place for personal injury.  If you only rely upon the Base Code (2014 NEC) you may be misinforming your client on the condition of the lighting and GFCI protection. 

2014 NEC 210.70 Lighting Outlets Required. (A) Dwelling Units, (B) Guest Rooms or Guest Suites, (C) All Occupancies

527 CMR 12 -- 210.70(D). Insert an additional lettered subsection (D) to 210.70 as follows: (D) GFCI Protection of Lighting Outlets in All Occupancies. The operation of a single GFCI device shall not deenergize all lighting outlets in a given area.

Know the addition to MA Home Inspector Training before you sign-up for a National Home Inspector training course.

Remember MA Home Inspector Regulations do not include a definition for "Major Defect" yet the regulation includes a definition for "Safety Hazard".

The Fall 2016 MA Home Inspector License Prep class is now open for registration at Assabet After Dark Adult Continuing Education.

  • Class Location: Assabet Valley 215 Fitchburg Street Marlborough MA
  • Class Dates: Sep 20, 2016 to Nov 3, 2016
  • Class Times: Tue and Thu evenings 6:30pm to 9:30pm plus Sat 9:00am to 3:00pm

Seating is limited so sign-up early to reserve your seat in the class. The classroom is WiFi enabled and all classroom material will also be available online.

For registration information contact Assabet After Dark

For class content information contact the instructor  Jim Mushinsky

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