Can you tell the difference this persons credit and the other?

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Person number 1

One Persons Credit


Person number 2

Person 2 Credit


Person number 1 just did the few basics to get their credit to a position to secure their funding.  They may or may not have paid all their debt down,  or removed all negative credit history.  They took the first step and we congratulate them for it.

25% of our customers don't even go that far, they look into what they can do, and then hope their credit problems will go away.  

75% of our customers are able to qualify for a new loan, they added first a good line of credit to help them boost their score and some in 15 days others in 30 or 45 days had the credit score they needed.  

Of the 75% only 10% go on further and we can understand why some are happy with getting financed. 

Some Americans with financial woes are hoping that Trump or Clinton will fix things for them magically.  They are not facing reality about their own personal issues.


The only person who can fix your financial woes is Yourself.


When you start to do something, this is where the process gets much easier. 


There are many other things you can do and you need to do


Number 1 - Debt Reduction

This is really a simple task and we have pay down your debt programs available. These are programs you do yourself, not through a scam company like consumer credit counseling and many others that take 50% of your money that you use to pay debt down.  100% of your money goes to pay your debt down, in many different but simple methods our coaching teaches you.


Number 2 - Adding some good credit

Everyone can use more good credit . A few years ago,  a person called me who was the financial advisor to a wealthy billionaire.   Because of the Obama Credit Reduction Act (CRA),  many banks, credit card companies where not only lowering credit limits as the credit was paid down, but also canceling people with large amounts of credit randomly.  The billionaire used his credit card at his first stop, and the second stop the card was declined.  He had a large credit limit, and that was why the credit card company canceled, so they were in accordance to the CRA.  He needed a large credit line to help, and we helped him.  When you get financed for something new, you are adding to your debt.  Then again you will need another tradeline of credit to offset your debt. So whether you have no credit, not enough credit or a new loan, you credit score will increase when you balance that debt to credit ratio. 


Number 3 - Fixing the negative items on your credit report

Everyone has this issue.  99% of all credit reports now have false, inaccurate or illegal information contained on their credit reports.   For example, inquiries.  By law they have to have your permission to make an inquiry. There are soft and hard inquiries,  to many hard inquiries, effect your score.  How do hard inquiries get on your report without your permission?  Advertising and Credit Card Promotions are one way.  The bureaus fail to check this information and this information can easily be removed by a professional.   But please when you take this step, get a professional.  You would not go to court without a professional attorney.  We have trusted partners that can help you.


The big stuff - Person number 2

This is the stuff many Americans who are overwhelmed by life or the economy that they think they don't have time for.

Important things always get the time they deserve, a birthday party,  a sports game, what we want to do we make for.  The problem is the big stuff is not a high enough priority (important item). 

Did you know every person needs 5 different kinds of  bank accounts to survive in life. Do you know what they are used for the percentage amounts of your income and monthly expenses should be deposited into these accounts ?


What about Retirement and Retirement Health Insurance ?  57% of employed Americans have less than $25,000 saved for retirement, not even enough to live one year on.   56% of people over the age of 45 have assets less than $100K and that is not enough for a family to survive. 


Things that will keep you from your financial freedom

1) It never occurs to you that you need to be wealthy or financially free / or you never had the role models to help you obtain financial freedom

2) Many people never decide to be successful, and end up staying as they are.

3) Procrastination, is the number one blocker, putting it off, day by day, week to week, month by month, year to year.

4) Inability to delay gratification - people that spend their paycheck before they have it in their hands

5) Lack of time perspective - the amount of time making and acting on important decisions in life (a person that puts $50.00 a month in an account so their newborn child can go to college has long term perspective).


What about making safe investments that yield a nice Return of Investment ?  This is the way rich people make extra money all the time. 


What about creating passive income?   Passive income is money that is generated monthly from other sources while you are doing what you love to do most, spending time with your loved ones or family. 


Do you want to learn this by yourself, and make mistakes or do you want to learn from people who are already financially free ?


What can you do today to turn your financial situation around ?

1) You can make the decision to do something about it

2) Then you can act on that decision and start doing something about it


We are here to help.  If you want to learn much more about your and take the steps we recommend you to go to our financial freedom network and start your free education.


Maybe you are a real estate or mortgage broker and you want to help your clients in their financial freedom.  You can also lead them to our network.


If you are trying to qualify for lending and need some credit lines, or a loan you can visit our improve your credit score network.


If you are trying to pay down your debt and take some other steps to makeover your credit, and can visit our credit makeover network


Congratulations on taking your first or next step to bettering your finanical situation and life.



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