Roofing Contractor Baton Rouge: Common Roof Related Problems

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When it comes to protecting your home the roof and roofing system is the most important component to consider. Obviously your foundation is most important but ask a roofing contractor Baton Rouge and they will tell you that when it comes to protecting your home, the roof is king.


Roofing Contractor Baton Rouge: Problem Areas To Watch


roofing contractor Baton Rouge

The first problem area to keep your eyes on is of course the shingles. Without good functional shingles your attic and home could be in real trouble. There are two things to immediately look for in your shingles. The first is durability and the way to check for this is to do a brittle test. Simply fold a shingle back and if it creases or breaks it obviously fails a simple brittle test and you should think about a new roof. The second key thing to look at is the granules, do you have significant granule loss on your shingles. According to some insurance companies you can have up to one hundred pounds of shingle granule loss before they consider it a functional problem. I disagree with this assessment and think it is much less. If you have either one of these two shingle function problems you should look into getting a new roof. 


Roofing Contractor Baton Rouge: Decking and Related Problems 


If you have either of the discussed roofing shingle functional problems there are a couple more roofing related areas to check. If you have any water leak issues with your roof you need to check your decking for soft spots which indicate rotten wood in your decking. Once water rots your decking the next roof related area to get damage will be your fascia and soffit. The fascia and soffit are easy enough to check from the ground visually. If you see soffit rot you can bet you have not only shingle damage but add roof decking to the your of damage to repair. 


Roofing Contractor Baton Rouge: The Take Away


The answer to protecting your home is certainly a good quality roof installed properly by a good roofer in the Baton Rouge area. If your past this stage and think you have roof leaks or roof related problems get a local roofing contractor to come and give you a complete roof inspection. Most good local reputable roofing companies in the Baton Rouge area will be happy to provide a roof inspection for free in hopes of selling you a roof if they find significant damage to warrant a new roof. Even if you have to pay for a roof inspection have a roofer do one on your home at least even three to five years, this could keep a small roof leak from turning into a major roof repair. 




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