Since When did seller’s stop negotiating?

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Just because it’s a seller’s market doesn’t mean that sellers have to stop negotiating.  I recently put in an offer for my buyers and was very disappointed that the listing agent didn’t have any room to negotiate.  He actually put the sellers bottom line as the list price.  He even tried to sell us the appliances. We went back and forth trying to make it a win-win for both clients, but it was only a win for his clients.  My clients were so frustrated that they put a higher offer in on another house.  There wasn’t much room to play with on that on either, but they didn’t try to sell the appliances separately. The second agent was a little more straight shooting.  He said “we have X amount of dollars to play with and you can use it any way you want, i.e, drop the price or closing cost.  Very different from the first one.  I asked the first one “how much are they selling the appliances for?” He said, make an offer, we haven’t discussed it.  I said why do they want to sell the appliance if you haven’t talked about a price?  It was so frustrating.  I even told him that my clients don’t understand why he wouldn’t budge or negotiate.  He said that if my clients wanted his clients house then we just have to agree to all of this terms.  At that point I stopped talking to him and was delighted when my clients decided to look at other homes instead. We found one that day and had our offer accepted that night..  I try not to get personal or frustated with other agents, but that first agent just rubbed me the wrong way.  When I list property, I always have some room to play, because buyers always want to offers less than list price. There should be a little bit of "give" both ways.

~Elizabeth Mosley, BIC

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Elizaabeth Ann Mosley, BIC

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Yes it can be frustrating when one party wants it all their way.

Aug 21, 2016 03:19 PM
Roy Kelley
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Thank you very much for sharing your experience and this perspective.

Jan 27, 2017 03:18 AM