The real estate market will shift. Here's how to survive.

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For us, annual conventions like Keller Williams Mega Camp — which took place this month in Austin — are much more than an opportunity to introduce new products and connect with thousands of customers.

They're a way to learn first-hand about new challenges facing the real estate industry. After all, we depend on this knowledge to shape our products and processes.

In a speech to thousands of eager agents, Keller Williams co-founder Gary Keller warned of an oncoming market shift. The agents who survive this shift, he said, will be the ones who adapt now.

“The second you're in one market, start acting like you're in the next,” Keller said. "When a market shifts, there's only one thing to do: shift with it."

It's simple, really: Return to proven methods of lead generation and building client loyalty. Answer your phone, respond promptly to inquiries and connect with clients personally and often.

For 26 years and counting, we've offered products that generate leads and build lasting client relationships. Our products are tried-and-true tools that show you're a local expert and are passionate about the communities you serve. This is the type of agent who will survive a market shift.

1. Market with calendars. For years, our magnetic tear-off calendars have led directly to listings. With covers inspired by greeting cards, our calendars are an extra-special way to keep your contact information within clients' reach. But don't take our word for it. Hear from David R., who's been marketing with our calendars since 2010:

"We now receive requests for the calendar. I anticipate we will receive eight to 10 listings from our mail-out over the year. From experience, we know not all calendars are the same quality; yours are the best. For the money, this is the most effective marketing tool we use."



2. Include a Personalized Insert. A simple note can go a long way in today's screen-obsessed culture. Our personalized inserts — which you can add to just about any order — are a fun, yet professional, way to introduce yourself, ask for referrals and let recipients know you're always there to help (pictured above).

3. Give LifeLong Cutlery at your closings. Gift cards and wine get used and thrown away. A piece of engraved cutlery lasts forever. A closing is just the beginning of your relationship with a client, and nothing builds that bond better than a sincere thank-you gift they'll use every day. With so many recent additions to LifeLong Cutlery — including an ice cream paddle/serving spoon (featured below), there's something for every budget and client.



4. Show appreciation for referrals. The success of your business depends on referrals. When a someone refers you, don't let your appreciation go unnoticed. One of our favorite referral gifts is Infinity Stainless Steel Soap, a unique kitchen gadget that removes foul cooking odors (fish, onion and garlic) from your hands. The best part? Most kitchens don't have one!



5. Don't stop by without a pop-by. Let's be honest: "I was just stopping by" sounds so much better when you come bearing gifts. Reconnect with clients and introduce yourself to prospects with a little gift like our new Stainless Steel Bottle Openers (call to pre-order) and Infinity Kitchen Scrapers. Both gifts are personalized with your information, come with paper pillow boxes and are under $3 a piece.


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