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Barrington RI Gazebo

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Wordless Wednesday...


Barrington RI Gazebo.




Here come the ducks and geese...


The fish are here, now it's a party...


Turtles too? Now things are getting out of hand...








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Jason E Potrzeba

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Cute post, but it looks like you had trouble while you were putting it together.  Some of the pictures are sideways.  The SAVE SAVE at the bottom tells me that it was problematic while trying to post... I've had that same problem from time to time and when that happens you just have to walk away and come back later.

Nov 07, 2016 06:29 AM
Jason Potrzeba
Home Loan Investment Bank - Warwick, RI
Senior Account Executive

Yes, the portrait/ landscape has been a pesky little problem with this post. When I view the post on a mobile device it appears to display correctly. Thanks for the feedback.

A little update on that Gazebo, the ducks and geese have flown south for the winter so the fish and turtles have a much easier time eating the bread visitors bring.

Nov 07, 2016 06:53 AM