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Georgia FHA Loans

The Georgia FHA mortgage has become the first choice for the majority of first-time homebuyers in Georgia. The Georgia FHA loan program offers several benefits, keeping in mind the budget limitations of most homeowners who are interested in buying their very first home. Compared to most conventional mortgage loans, the FHA loan facilitates the buying process for the applicant by permitting a reduced down payment.  Below we will look at some of the primary benefits home buyers will want to know.


    • Fixed rate property loans – One of the biggest advantages of availing of the Georgia FHA loan is the provision of paying a fixed rate of interest. Compared to other traditional loans where the interests vary, the interest rate remains the same for the entire course of the loan. This period is usually for about 30 years. Due to this provision the borrower can plan out his fixed monthly installment in advance.
    • Minimal charges – the Federal government insures the Georgia FHA loan, the borrower or applicant incurs very minimal charges during the process.
    • Easy to qualify – Qualifying for a Georgia FHA loan is one of the simplest. Since it is the FHA that ensures your home loan, lenders are more flexible and the process is often times easier. The main components of qualifying are credit and income/employment.
    • Gift funds for down payment - FHA permits the home buyer to receive gift funds for the 3.5% down payment.
    • Adjustable Rate Option – The FHA loan came into being keeping in mind the tight budget constraints of first-time homeowners. For this reasons the FHA has an adjustable rate house loan, which entails lower monthly expenses. FHA also has standard 30 and 15 year fix rate options.


Apart from the benefits listed above, the FHA entails a very low cash down payment, which is currently 3.5%. There are no cash reserves required either compared to most conventional loan programs, which make the Georgia FHA mortgage loan a very enticing option for first-time homeowners.


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