Why Don't They Buy?Maybe Mortgage Coach Can Help?

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Got buyers who are reluctant to actually pull the trigger and buy a house? Is your lender providing solutions using a mortgage presentation program? If they are not, then perhaps another lender should be consulted? 

Some buyers needs to be shown that with every mortgage payment they make, they are actually paying down the principal of the mortgage loan which is like putting money away each month in a saving account. When you also show them how much of their monthly payment is a tax deduction based on whatever tax bracket they are in and then you show them that based on a 4% historic appreciate rate what the property will be worth in 10 years, It's pretty easy to show a buyer why they should be buying a home and not even consider renting! 

I use a program called Mortgage Coach which helps some buyers understand how powerful purchasing a home really is. If your buyers need some additional knowledge to be shown why they should buy, then ask your lender for Mortgage Coach presentation! 


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