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"Treasure" hunting on St. Croix - Chaney

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"Treasure" hunting on St. Croix for Chaney!


Chaney is shards of fine china which can mostly be found along the beaches and on historic plantations on the Caribbean island of St. Croix.

Chaney is a word made up by local children who used to smooth and round out these shards and use them as play money, combining the words “china” and “money” they became forever known as Chaney.

Whether broken china was thrown overboard to avoid taxes or thrown away from being chipped, these small pieces can be found throughout the island. 

Local jewelers create beautiful bracelets and pendants from these old, broken pieces. Blue and white is very common, however, lucky treasure hunters have found green, brown, red and combination of colors and designs.

We had heavy rains yesterday so I ventured out this morning and look what I found!!!!!



Examples of Chaney

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Myrl Jeffcoat
Sacramento, CA
Greater Sacramento Realtor - Retired

What a fascinating story.  I've never heard of chaney before!  I'm glad you found some!

Aug 27, 2016 11:12 AM