Violation Notices in Your HOA

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Neighborhoods in HOAs that keep receiving violation notices are never in good terms with the HOA in charge because of the disagreements and tensions they keep dealing with. The sad news is that HOA violations cannot be scraped off and homeowners will just need to deal with it. In order to reduce the number of disagreements and violation notices, a HOA should make the rules clear to the community.


Many HOAs believe that communicating rules and regulations to homeowners is enough. The truth is homeowners do not only need to know what is in their CC&Rs, rules and regulations that bind them to the community but also why the rules are there in the first place. This helps them understand why and how they are benefiting from the set rules and makes it easier for them to obey and to avoid disputes with the HOA.

The penalties for violations should also be clear and concise. Transparency in the way HOA laws are handled in the community will make it clear that violations are important and they play a big role in keeping the peace and order in the community. Homeowners will respond positively to something they can understand other than something being forced on them without any clarity as to why. The HOA should communicate expectations clearly to reduce the number of violation notices that they keep handing out.

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Brian Woods This is very good helpful report on HOA violation notices.

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