Options for Greater Baton Rouge FLOOD victims

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Louisiana was recently hit with a storm; not a hurricane, but a nearly 3 day hard rain that remained stationary.  This caused devastation across several southern parishes while rivers overflowed into areas that would never fathom see water rise into their homes.  This 500 yr or 1000 yr flood that they are calling it was such a freak of nature that thousands of homeowner were rocked so unexpectedly many were rescued by boat. Thousands were in areas that didn't require flood insurance.   To those that have never dealt with a flooded home the amount of damage that occurs is hard to comprehend. Water comes in an knocks everything around as if a tornado struck inside, dirty river water destroys everything and leaves a muddy smelly slimy sediment, your toilets backup, destroys flooring & Sheetrock, and even worse the dreaded mold begins to set in, and the list goes on.  The emotional turmoil is the real culprit: from destroyed photo memories & sentimental items, security you once had and fear of the unknown. 

Homeowners are now trying to pick up the pieces and move on.   Louisiana strong is the term we use to get through the day.  However,  behind closed doors the metal break down is hard to get past.  Grief can sometimes cloud the mind from making decisions. The financial burden starts to become apparent. As someone that is dealing with it myself, I know some of what people are going through. Maybe not all in the same capacity but we all can empathize.  Is there light at the end of the tunnel?  As a real estate professional learning all the different options that are available to these victims has been what I've been educating myself on.  Wanting to help more than just cleaning up continues to fill my mind. 

It is important for everyone to know that their are options available that FEMA will not offer.  The last thing anyone should consider is walking away, even-though for some they are thinking it's the only option. Well snap out of it....It is not!   

If anyone is searching for FREE professional advice on how to handle their flooded property at no obligation.  

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