The Person that you referred to AR should have your referral info on page

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Hey, another newbie question.... my husband Bubba, referred 2 people to join AR, and on the bottom of their sites, one has Bubba and a picture and that he referred him, but the other one he referred does not... he did get some points for referring both people, but why would one have his info at the bottom and the other not?

Also, what is the difference if you fill in the form on the referral to AR regarding points and convenience, and to send them an email with your url on it?  

If you put the url they tell you to on the referral form, it goes in the fill in the blank page, or a separate email?

If you do not get a response from someone, do you send them the fill in the blank referral to AR again, or just follow up with an email?

Anyone that can guide us on this please? thanks, Jennie Moore,


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