Real Estate Agent with CASA REAL PROPERTIES

According to economists, apartment rentals work in inverse proportion to residential sales; when the prices of homes drop, which is what we are currently experiencing, the rental market surges.


The rental market continues to move up despite the decline in home prices in some major cities.  Perhaps you can see it in your own local market. Rental Listings, as well as Renters, are coming to the front door of many Real Estate offices. Landlords are negotiating rental prices by offering concessions, such as one month's rent free or the amount equal to one month's rent divided by twelve and subtracted from each month for a year.


For some Realtors, rentals have always been and continue to be pocket cash, for others they are a great way to earn a living.


So tighten your belts, fellow Realtors, and begin to canvass properties displaying "For Rent" signs as well. In our area, rentals are not a cost for landlords. Collect the fee from the Renters, do it weekly and you will see your cash flow surge.


You'll see the earning potential that Rentals can bring to you and your office. This is perhaps one of the perfect times to open up a Rental Division.


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